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Go for Actions

This repository contains the code and scripts that we use to prepare Go packages used in runner-images and accessible through the setup-go Action.
The file versions-manifest.json contains the list of available and released versions.

Caution: this is prepared for and only permitted for use by actions runner-images and setup-go action.

Status: Currently under development and in use for beta and preview actions. This repo is undergoing rapid changes.

Latest of LTS versions will be installed on the runner-images images. Other versions will be pulled JIT using the setup-go action.

Adding new versions

We are trying to prepare packages for new versions of Go as soon as they are released. Please open an issue in actions/runner-images if any versions are missing.

Support Notification Policy

Beginning approximately six months prior to the removal of a Go version from the versions-manifest.json file, a pinned issue will be created in the setup-go repository. This pinned issue will provide important details about the upcoming end of support, including the specific date, as well as any other notes, relevant updates or alternatives. We encourage users to regularly check pinned issues for updates on tool versions they are using for maximum transparency, security, performance and overall compatibility with their projects.


Contributions are welcome! See Contributor's Guide for more details about contribution process and code structure