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Publish a preview of a Forgejo website at https://forgejo.codeberg.page and post a comment in the PR with the URL.


parameter description required default
directory Directory of the root of the HTML pages true
name The preview is published at https://forgejo.codeberg.page/@{name} true
pages-token A token with repository:write scope on https://codeberg.org/forgejo/pages true
repository A note will be added to the {pr-number} found in the https://codeberg.org/{repository} (for instance forgejo/docs) true
repository-host The Forgejo host were the {repository} resides false codeberg.org
repository-token A token with issue:write scope on the {repository} true
pr-number The id of the pull request to which a notification must be posted (e.g. ${{ env.GITHUB_REF_NAME }}) true