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  • v1: only supports running Forgejo from container images
  • v2: only supports running Forgejo from binaries


Setup Forgejo and a runner.

If binary is specified, Forgejo downloads the binary from the URL and uses it to start an instance.

Otherwise, image and image-version must be specified and Forgejo runs from the corresponding container image using docker.

The script is available to help test and debug actions.

forgejo=http://root:admin1234@${{ }}

  • push_self_action $forgejo root myaction vTest Creates the repository $forgejo/root/myaction and populates it with the content of the repository under test, except for the .forgejo directory (it would otherwise create an infinite loop). The tag vTest is set to the SHA under test.
  • run_workflow testrepo $forgejo root testrepo myaction Creates the repository $forgejo/root/testrepo and populates it with the content of the testrepo directory. All occurrences of SELF in testrepo/.forgejo/workflows/*.yml are replaced with $forgejo/root/myaction.
  • push testrepo $forgejo root testrepo Creates the repository $forgejo/root/testrepo and populates it with the content of the testrepo directory.

The combination of push_self_action and run_workflow allows to run Forgejo Actions workflows from testrepo that use the action under test (myaction) to verify it works as intended.

The script is logged in the instance and ready to be used with web or api endpoints.

It can only be used in a job with a runs-on label that designates a Forgejo runner that provides a LXC container.


parameter description required default
image Container image false
image-version Container image version false 1.20
binary URL to a Forgejo binary false
user Administrator user name false root
password Administrator password false admin1234
runner Runner repository false
runner-version Runner version. If it starts with @ (for instance @featurebranch), the runner will be built from source using the specified branch. false v3.4.1
container Name of the container running the Forgejo instance false forgejo
lxc-ip-prefix Class C IP prefix used by LXC false 10.0.23
install-only Only install Forgejo and the Forgejo runner, do not launch them false false


parameter description
url URL of the Forgejo instance
host-port Host and port of the Forgejo instance, e.g
token Administrator application token with all scopes
runner-logs Filename of the Forgejo runner logs
runner-file Path to the runner file


name: Setup Forgejo
on: [push]
    runs-on: lxc
      - uses: actions/checkout@v4
      - id: forgejo
        uses: actions/setup-forgejo@v1
          image-version: 1.20
      - run: |
          curl ${{ steps.forgejo.outputs.url }}/api/forgejo/v1/version | grep 1.20


Update the README from the action file with action-docs --update-readme