Forgejo end-to-end tests
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Forgejo end-to-end tests

A series of tests scenarios and assertions covering Forgejo and the Forgejo runner. They partially rely on Forgejo actions developped specifically for testing such as setup-forgejo.

They are designed to run using Forgejo releases and development versions compiled from designated repositories.


To run and debug workflows from actions/example-*, from the root of the source directory, with docker and installed, mimic what .forgejo/workflows/actions.yml does. There may be some manual tweaking (such as creating temporary directories) because the tests run as root in the context of Forgejo Actions and assume they have admin permissions. But they do not need to run as root and must work fine when run as a regular user.

Prepare the Forgejo instance and the runner

git clone
export PATH=$(pwd)/setup-forgejo:$PATH
git clone
cd end-to-end logout teardown teardown setup root admin1234 1.21 setup
export url=http://root:admin1234@$(cat forgejo-ip):3000
export token=$(cat forgejo-token)

Run a single test

export example=pull-request
export EXAMPLE_DIR=$(pwd)/actions/example-$example
sudo rm -fr /srv/example-$example ; mkdir /srv/example-$example
$EXAMPLE_DIR/ run_workflow actions/example-$example http://root:admin1234@$(cat forgejo-ip):3000 root example-$example setup-forgejo $(cat forgejo-token)

Remote testing

To reduce the runtime the following variables can be set to control the number of cases run by the actions tests. If set to none they are not run at all for that version of Forgejo. If it does not exist, all tests are run.

  • V1_21_TESTS
  • V1_20_TESTS