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fix: support docker create arguments from container.options (#1022) (#1351)
* fix: support docker create arguments from container.options (#1022)

* fix processing of errors, add verbose logging, fix test

* disable linter for code copied from docker/cli

* fix all linter issues

* Add license info

* Add opts_test.go from docker/cli and required testdata

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List of Docker images for act

Warning: Below badges with size for each image are displaying size of compressed image size in registry. After pulling the image, size can be drastically different due to Docker uncompressing the image layers.

Images based on buildpack-deps

Note 1: node images are based on Debian root filesystem, while it is extremely similar to Ubuntu, there might be some differences

Note 2: node -slim images don't have python installed, if you want to use actions or software that is depending on python, you need to specify image manually

Image Size
node:16-bullseye bullseye-size
node:16-bullseye-slim micro-bullseye-size
node:16-buster buster-size
node:16-buster-slim micro-buster-size

Note: catthehacker/ubuntu images are based on Ubuntu root filesystem

Image GitHub Repository
catthehacker/ubuntu:act-latest catthehacker/docker-images
catthehacker/ubuntu:act-22.04 catthehacker/docker-images
catthehacker/ubuntu:act-20.04 catthehacker/docker-images
catthehacker/ubuntu:act-18.04 catthehacker/docker-images

Images based on actions/virtual-environments

Note: nektos/act-environments-ubuntu have been last updated in February, 2020. It's recommended to update the image manually after docker pull if you decide to to use it.

Image Size GitHub Repository
nektos/act-environments-ubuntu:18.04 nektos:18.04 nektos/act-environments
nektos/act-environments-ubuntu:18.04-lite nektos:18.04-lite nektos/act-environments
nektos/act-environments-ubuntu:18.04-full nektos:18.04-full nektos/act-environments
Image GitHub Repository
catthehacker/ubuntu:full-latest catthehacker/virtual-environments-fork
catthehacker/ubuntu:full-20.04 catthehacker/virtual-environments-fork
catthehacker/ubuntu:full-18.04 catthehacker/virtual-environments-fork

Feel free to make a pull request with your image added here